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Changing lives in a meaningful way; for continuous improvement of physical freedom from pain!

As Service Men and Women, you give great sacrifice for the citizens of our great nation! You not only put your life on the line when called to service state side and abroad, your family takes great sacrifice as well. Not everyone has the courage or desire to step forward to protect people you don't know.

Veterans are always a client where addressing soft tissue trauma also helps them address service trauma, reducing the physical pain left from their service. helps calm the mind and give greater freedom in their daily activity with reduced pain in their bodies.

Part of my gratitude and appreciation for what that means and takes. I offer active Military, Veteran, Police and Fire men and woman special rates. Self care is not a luxury, your jobs impact the body and mind at a level not of any other profession or service.  


"I sustained back, knee and shoulder injuries, and traumatic brain injury in Iraq, which lead to my medical retirement from the Army. I've been going to Leah for about a year and a half now, and her treatment quickly became the largest component of my pain management system. I'm in less pain, move better, sleep better and I even have far fewer migraines thanks to Leah's work. She drastically improved my quality of life and I cannot recommend her enough" - Mike D.

”Leah is the absolute best! Everyone has their own technique and adapted training/education but I think she really gets it on both fronts. She listens, has great prices, great/easy parking/location and is a smart business owner with a lot of ability & compassion. I personally love her technique to get the entire spine addressed. I can't remember if she was trained locally but her therapies are different than what I've experienced in Tempe. Well worth the visit!” - Monique L. 

What to Expect:

We will assess areas of complaint and create a treatment plan for those complaints - Once we have completed the treatment plan we will discuss what program is best so that pain stays at bay longer if not for good.

Example of aggravating factors that often need maintenance:

  • greater reduction of headaches
  • greater reduction of stress/tension
  • reduction of intensity of chronic pain.

***Special Rates available**** Packages no longer offered

Single Session: $85 (Regular rate $120 savings of $20 )

Monthly Maintenance Program - Savings 15%

2 sessions a month $162 (Regular Rate $190)

3 Sessions a month $242 (Regular Rate $285)

4 Sessions a month $323 (Regular Rate $380)

**Monthly Maintenance Program is a 3 month commitment billed via invoice through square cash app**

Freedom from Pain is Possible with Commitment and Action

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