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Changing lives in a meaningful way; for continuous improvement of physical freedom from pain!

Freedom from Pain is Possible with Commitment and Action

Most people who relate to massage therapy are accustomed to a provider of services having many services to offer.  Here at Thera-Med Massage, after now 8 years of services have decided that I am tapering all that back to be focused and specific in the way I show up for clients.  Why?  The reason is my intention and the reason why I ever became a massage therapist and that is to empower others in their healing, in their wellness and be a facilitator of this part of self-care.  

This is going to sound a bit strange because it has always had a conception or unspoken idea, that the massage therapist relaxes, fixes, soothes sore tight achy muscles.  While we learn techniques, specifically to do these things and in the moment of the massage it absolutely is the result of any good massage therapist, those results often do not stay only for a couple of days or so.  Why?

Here of some of the reasons I have found to be true over the almost decade I have been practicing:

1. A physical cause like Arthritis or Osteoporosis

2. Food sensitivities/allergies that individuals may not be aware of or even more common, the impact this has on the body from constant exposure

3. Working out/exercising in a way the body does not like - not listening to the body and making adjustments

4. Not exercising/working out

5. Old injuries from years past that has caused the body to compensate in a way that is not conducive to feeling good in the body - IE chronic pain

6. Inflammatory diseases, diabetes, thyroid conditions, digestive conditions etc...

Now, this is just a small sample of typical reasons...This is a bit confrontational and it needs to be...It is with full love compassion and empathy as some of this discovery or choosing to approach massage this way - comes from my own journey of realizations and understandings.

Now, how many of these things can a massage therapist of any caliber make a direct and lasting change on this sample?  A massage therapist cannot fix any of these conditions.  A massage therapist can fix a headache, but not the cause.  Without addressing the cause, there is just a viscous cycle of temporary change.  There is nothing wrong with getting a massage just to get one or to address something acute or whatever your reason may be. I am creating the opportunity for you to decide consciously where you are on the self care spectrum.

It takes consistency, and client choosing to be an active participant in their healing, change, pain reduction or whatever the client goal is.

So with all of this said - If you are a person who wants to be empowered to be a participant in healing their body, in honoring their body thru listening and action - you are the client I want to work with. I want to be a conduit to healing and transformation, I seek to participate in long  term solutions.

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." Albert Einstein